The Levee System and Flood Protection System

The Missouri River flood protection system has been constructed to an elevation at least three feet over the level of the 500 year flood as determined by the joint efforts of the U. S. Corps of Engineers and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. In conjunction with this levee an underseepage protection berm was also constructed to prevent the undermining of the levee by the water pressure of a high water condition on the unprotected side of the levee along the river. This berm is generally 300 feet wide and up to as eight feet thick as necessary based on engineering determinations and soil tests.

The District extends along the Missouri River for seven miles from its attachment to the Riverport levee at river mile 28 in City of Maryland Heights to its connection to the Missouri levee bluffs at river mile 35 in the City of Chesterfield. The flood protection system also includes levees along Creve Coeur Creek and Fee Fee Creek which course through the District creating the spectacular feature of Creve Coeur Lake located in Creve Coeur Lake Memorial Park.

Following completion of the Missouri River levee it was thoroughly reviewed by FEMA and the flood plain maps for the District were substantially revised to reflect that the Missouri River flood risk was reduced to a level permitting most of the area to be used for commercial, industrial or residential purposes in accordance with the land use plans of the governing cities. The District has also been accepted into FEMA’s PL 84-99 program which permits the District to receive reimbursement for most costs associated with flood fighting during high river levels in a major high water event. Major repairs of the flood protection system also could qualify for significant cost reimbursement under this program.

The District Engineer has developed a detailed Operations Manual to control the routine and emergency efforts of District personnel. Regular maintenance and readiness operations are conducted by the Maintenance Supervisor of the District in coordination with the Corps of Engineers and the District Engineer. These efforts prepare the District to respond to high water or flood conditions in a timely, efficient and effective manner.

About Howard Bend Levee

The Howard Bend Levee District is located in the Cities of Maryland Heights and Chesterfield, St. Louis County, Missouri approximately 17 miles west of the City of St. Louis.  The Howard Bend Levee, designed for the 500-year Missouri River flood event, extends from about river mile 38 to river mile 30.4 above the Mississippi River. 

The project consists of a 7.6 mile long levee that protects the Maryland Heights area from Missouri River floods. The system also primarily implements flood control management for the Creve Coeur and Fee Fee Creeks and Creve Coeur Lake. 


Board Meeting 

Date:    Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Time:    7:30 am

Location:    Creve Coeur Airport,
14301 Creve Coeur Airport Road, ST Louis MO. 63146

Note to Public: Please be advised virtually the entire meeting will be devoted to a Closed Session regarding various legal and real estate issues. Thank you.