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2019 Flood Fight in Howard Bend Levee District

June 24, 2019

We are now in Chapter 5 of the 2019 Flood Fight in Howard Bend Levee District (HBLD).  After the flood gates were opened on Monday, June 17, water was very slowly flowing out of the Creve Coeur Lake system, into the river.  The lake level remained very high however, allowing water to continue to flow through the railroad ballast on the north/northwest side of the lake, as it had been doing for over two weeks.  This flow, along with continued seep water, had been slowly filling up the Creve Coeur Airport Subdistrict area, and spreading to the south into the Little Lake area.  As the area filled up with water spilling from Creve Coeur Lake, it began to creep up onto Highway 141 at the intersection with Sportport Road. Eventually, that caused the closing of 141 in both directions, by Wednesday, June 19, 2019.

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Flood Response Update

The battle continues!! As anticipated, this high river event has turned into a very prolonged situation.

The weekend of June 1, 2019 two additional 18" Godwin pumps powered by Cat engines, mounted on skids were set up at the flood gates, to add to the pumping capacity of the tractor driven 16" and 24" pumps already in place. The setup of these two pumps took two + full days last weekend, with the District and volunteers providing some equipment and manpower to get the job done. (See second pic below). All four pumps are running 24/7 except for maintenance shutdowns. Fuel tanks are set nearby to allow for easier fueling of the tractors, and the skid pumps are plumbed directly into a large fuel cell.

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May 2019 Vol. VII Newsletter

Howard Bend Levee District has ongoing activity with the current high river situation, and we wanted to provide an update. 1. The flood gates were dropped for the fourth time since the end of March on Wednesday, May 22nd at approximately 9:00 am. As of now, with the river stage at approximately 35.0 feet on the St Charles gauge, the gate system is holding back 4+ feet of river water from entering our district through the Creve Coeur Lake tributary system. At this river stage we have plenty of free board on our main river levee system.

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