Our History

Prior to 1987 the District area was largely protected by an agricultural levee maintained by the Howard Bend Levee Association. Gradual improvements to the flood protection system began to be made shortly after the formation of the District in 1987. When several companies sought to locate casino gaming facilities in the District in the mid-1990s the District determined that major improvements to the flood protection system were necessary and could be financed without unreasonable burden to the landowners. In 1997, the District was thus able to initiate major flood protection improvements in conjunction with the opening of the Hollywood Casino and Hotel in the District. Over a period of several years nearly four million cubic yards of levee material were moved into place creating the levee and underseepage berm system for the District along the Missouri River. This system was designed and constructed under the direction of the District’s engineers at Horner & Shifrin, a firm particularly well experienced in levee construction, having previously designed and overseen construction of the nearby Earth City levee and flood protection system.

Construction of the 500 year levee was completed in 2004 and a FEMA letter of Map Revision dated April, 13, 2006 determined that most of the property in the District is not flood plain and may be developed for commercial, industrial or residential uses subject to the land use regulations of the City of Maryland Heights or Chesterfield and qualifies for federal flood insurance. This flood protected status is reflected in the major expansion of the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District plant within the District and further development at Creve Coeur Airport relying on this greatly improved flood protection. The District has also recently completed the installation of Missouri American water lines and Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District sanitary sewer lines and pump stations in a portion of the District in order to serve existing and future land uses.